Compliance Reminders - 

  • Garbage and Recycling Containers: Our neighborhood garbage and recycling day is Friday. Per our CC&R's (4.13) all containers shall be stored "out of pubic view" either in your garage or in the backyard, out of view from the front of the house and not blocking parking spaces by Friday evening. The Board has approved elongating the container removal time to Sunday evening to accommodate weekend vacations. Please work with your neighbors.

  • Satellite Dish Installation: Per our CC&R's (4.16), no owner may erect an antenna, satellite dish or solar collector panels without the written consent from the ARC. No installations shall be lower than first level ceiling height, and should be installed so as not visible from the street and screen from neighbors homes. Rowhouse owners that wish to install a satellite dish must follow specific installation requirements so as not to place any penetrations into the building envelope for installation. Please contact the Board should you have installation questions.

  • Signs: Per CC&R 4.12, "No signs shall be erected or maintained on any Lot except that not more than one sign for the temporary display of 'For Sale' sign on a Lot." The placement of "For Rent" or "For Lease" is strictly prohibited. The restrictions do not prohibit temporary placement of "political" signs or construction and marketing related signage. No signs shall be allowed in public areas except those approved by the Board for the good of the Community.

  • Pets and Nuisance: Per CC&R's 4.8 and 4.9, any inconvenience, damage, unpleasantness and noise caused by animals on property shall be the responsibility of the owner. No dogs shall be permitted to roam the Property unattended and all dogs shall be kept on a leash at all times while outside a Lot. Please remember to pick up after your pets so as not to create a nuisance for your neighbors and the Community.

Remember - Homeowners are responsible for their tenants.  Please share this information.